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Library Administration

Fontoura, Ana Maria
University Librarian
201-692-2276 (
Burke, Brigid
Associate University Librarian/Head Technical Services
973-443-8520 (M-LA0-03)
Kocylowsky, Maria
Associate University Librarian and Director, Business Research Library
201-692-2608 (H-DH1-04)
Potdevin, Nicole
Research and Instruction Librarian and Acting Associate University Librarian and Director of Public Services
973-443-8627 (M-LA0-03)
Stein-Smith, Kathleen
Associate University Librarian and Director of Public Services
201-692-2100 (T-GL1-01) [teaching] [profile]

Librarians and Staff

Almendrales, Ethel
201-692-2289 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Baluyut, Justin
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Circulation Asst & Asst Circ Coord -- Library
Brizzolara, Jason
201-692-2139 (T-GL1-01)
Stat Data Coord & Tech Asst -- Library
Carpenter, Kathleen
973-443-8682 (M-LA0-03)
Administrative Assistant for the College At Florham Library -- Library
Chen, Sian
201-692-2653 (T-GL1-01)
Research & Instruction Librarian -- Library
Cruz, Tanama
973-443-8521 (M-LA0-03)
Technical Svcs Assoc -- Library
Daniele, Deborah
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Circulation Coordinator -- Library
Dante, Tracy
973-443-8530 (M-LA0-03)
Circulation Coordinator -- Library
Dunphy, Paul
201-692-2140 (T-GL1-01)
(Head) Research & Instruction Librarian -- Library
Friedl, Eleanor
973-443-8516 (M-LAO-03)
Research and Instr. Librarian -- Library
Gervasio, Rebecca
973-443-8515 (M-LA0-03)
Library Coordinator -- Library
Goerner, Richard
201-692-2598 (H-HC1-01)
Archivist/Research & Instr Librarian -- Library
Goldstein, Fred
201-692-2289 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Krause, Mary Ann
201-692-2289 (T-GL1-01)
Library Assistant -- Library
Kusnecov, Saskia
973-443-8514 (M-LA0-03)
Research and Metadata Librarian -- Library
Liss, Michael
201-692-2654 (T-GL1-01)
Evening and Weekend Librarian -- Library
Lo, Kenny
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Makey, Robert
201-692-2470 (T-GL1-01)
Library Receptionist/Security -- Library
Malpere, John
973-443-8518 (M-LA0-03)
Library Coordinator -- Library
McDonnell, Wayne
973-443-8515 (M-LA0-03)
Library Clerk -- Library
Monteiro, Leslie
201-692-2289 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Morrissey, Raymond
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Library Audio-Visual Coord -- Library
Murray, Patricia
201-692-2285 (T-GL1-01) [profile]
Research & Instruction Librarian -- Library
Nair, Prasanna
201-692-2673 (H-EWC-01)
Library Technician -- Library
Nestory, Michele
201-692-2608 (H-DH1-04)
Librarian & Coordinator of Outreach & Advancement -- Library
Nusspickel, Joan
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Philip, Abhilash
201-692-2470 (T-GL1-01)
Library Receptionist/Security -- Library
Ribustello, Jessie
201-692-2278 (T-GL1-01)
Library Office Adminstrator & Circulation Assistant -- Library
Richlan, Robert
973-443-8516 (M-LA0-03)
Research and Instr. Librarian -- Library
Rose, Andrew
Wroxton College
Shoba, Doreen
201-692-2100 (T-GL1-01)
Librarian -- Library
Skorupa, Judith
201-692-2277 (T-GL1-01)
Assistant to Head of Technical Service -- Library
Villanueva, Pacita
201-692-2279 (T-GL1-01)
Library Clerk -- Library
Wijnen, Dirk
201-692-2290 (T-GL1-01)
Sr Research & Instruction Librarian -- Library
Wolf, Robert
973-443-8523 (M-LA0-03)
Electronic Resources Librarian for FDU Online Library -- Library

Brigid BurkeBrigid Burke

Associate University Librarian for Technical Services; 973-443-8520

D.Litt.  (Literary Studies/Myth), Drew University
M.L.S., Rutgers University 
M.A. (Religion and Society), Drew University
B.A. (Religious Studies, English Literature), Montclair State University

Subject Area Interests:
Mythology, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, American, British and French literature

20 year career in library technical services, including cataloging, digitization, and system administration. Adjunct professor of Library Studies at Rutgers University for 7 years in Cataloging/Classification and Automation, and currently an adjunct professor in the Humanities and Religion departments at Montclair State University.

Katie Carpenter Kathleen Carpenter

Administrative Assistant in the Library at the Monninger Center; 973-443-8682; Fax 973-443-8525

Tanama Cruz Tanama Cruz

Technical Services Associate; 973-443-8521

M.S.S.A Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University

Tracy Dante Tracy Dante

Circulation Coordinator; 973-443-8530

Subject Area Interests:
I enjoy all types of crafts and find them very relaxing. I love being around people and continually learning. I feel that we learn the most through communication and interaction with the people in our lives.

As interlibrary loan coordinator, I strive to find and borrow books and articles that we do not currently hold in our library. Through our large network of lending libraries we have many resources to obtain the needed material. I enjoy interacting with students, staff, faculty and everyone who touches my life each day. I enjoy when I can help someone our and make their day a little brighter.

Eleanor Friedl Eleanor Friedl

Reference Librarian; 973-443-8516

M.L.S., Rutgers University 
B.A., University of Miami (FL)

Subject Area Interests:
Art, humanities, languages and literature, music, social sciences

I am fortunate to be working in areas for which I have both background and professional interests, i.e. in my additional responsibilities as curator of special collections and exhibitions,

Rebecca Gervasio Rebecca Gervasio

Circulation Assistant; 973-443-8515

Saskia KusnecovSaskia Kusnecov

Metadata and Research Librarian; 973-443-8514

M.L.I.S., Rutgers University
B.A., History, Rutgers University

Subject Area Interests:
Digital Humanities, Public History and Information Science.

J.R. Malpere

Periodicals Assistant; 973-443-8518

Wayne McDonnell

Circulation Assistant; 973-443-8515

Nicole Potdevin Nicole Potedvin

Research and Instruction Librarian and Acting Associate University Librarian
and Director of Public Services; 973-443-8627

M.L.I.S., Rutgers University
M.A. (Art History & Archaeology), Institute of Fine Arts-New York University
B.A. (Classics), Boston College

Subject Area Interests:
Archaeology and Anthropology, Ancient History, Literature, Art and Art History

Robert Richlan Robert Richlan

Evening Reference Librarian; 973-443-8516

M.L.S., Rutgers University 
J.D., Seton Hall University School of Law
B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University

Subject Area Interests:

I enjoy library reference work because it gives me an opportunity to instruct the library patrons in the usage of databases as well as books. There is a large teaching component to my position, and I enjoy the one-on-one interaction as well as instructing full classes. It is rewarding to see the students learn and remember the information.

I enjoy true crime books as well as mystery novels, films, the theater, and music.

Robert Wolf Robert Wolf

Electronic Resources Librarian; 973-443-8523

M.L.I.S., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
B.A., The College of New Jersey

Subject Area Interests:
Information technology, electronic resources, history, and sociology

I work to ensure seamless access to the Library’s electronic and online resources. I am user focused and try to make their online library research experience as productive as possible.

Justin Baluyut

Circulation Assistant & Assistant Circulation Coordinator; 201-692-2279

Jason Brizzolara

Statistical Data Coordinator & Technical Assistant; 201-692-2139

Sian Chen

Research and Instruction Librarian; 201-692-2653

M.L.S., Rutgers University
M.S.M.I.S., (Management Information Systems), Kean University

Deborah Daniele

Circulation Coordinator; 201-692-2279

Paul Dunphy

Head Reference Librarian; 201-692-2140

M.L.S., Pratt Institute
B.A., (Italian Studies), Boston University

Subject Area Interests:
Foreign languages, classical music

Michael Liss

Evening Reference Librarian;201-692-2654

M.L.S., Pratt Institute 
B.A., (Communication, Journalism), Fairleigh Dickinson University

Subject Area Interests:
Information ethics, communications, classical and jazz music

Robert Makey

Library Receptionist/ Security; 201-692-2470

Raymond Morrissey

Library Media Coordinator; 201-692-2450

Patricia Murray 

Research and Instruction Librarian;201-692-2285


Subject Area Interests:
Fine arts

Prasanna Nair

Library Technician (Petrocelli College- Metropolitan Campus); 201-692-2673

Jessie Ribustello

Office Administrator and Circulation Assistant;  201-692-2278

M.A.S., (Administrative Science), Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.A., (Communication), Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., (Art), Fairleigh Dickinson University

Subject Area Interests:
Art, photography, communication

Judith Skorupa

Assistant to the Head of Technical Services; 201-692-2277

Kathleen Stein Smith

Associate University Librarian; 201-692-2100

Ph.D., (Interdisciplinary Studies), Union Institute & University 
M.S., (Library Service), Columbia University
M.A., (Comparative Linguistics), Laval University
M.A., (Learning Disabilities), Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., Montclair State University

Dirk Wijnen

Senior Reference Librarian; 201-692-2290

M.L.S., Pratt Institute
B.A., (History), Rowan University

Subject Area Interests:
History, photography 

Richard Goerner

University Archivist; 201-692-2598

M.L.S., Rutgers University
B.A., Rutgers University

Subject Area Interests:

Maria Kocylowsky

Associate University Librarian 
Director, Business Research Library; 201-692-2608

M.L.S., Rutgers University  
M.A., (History), Rutgers University 

Subject Area Interests:
Business, New Jerseyana

Michele Nestory

Librarian and Coordinator of Outreach and Advancement; 201-692-2608

M.A.T., Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.L.S., University at Albany, State University of New York 
B.S., (Finance), Montclair State University 

Subject Area Interests: 
Nursing, History

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